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August 4th, 2012

Aug. 4th, 2012

A pleasing day today. I drove most of the way to the second place I planned to be today (derby training), left my derby gear in the car and caught the train from Regent station to the city. I bought a small but rather nice box of chocolates from Koko Black in Royal Arcade for She Who Gets Things Done™ at derby by way of thanks for going above and beyond to make things happen with regards to supplementary star testing. She's vegan so that was a slightly more involved process than usual. I then killed time tramping around the CBD, pausing for a coffee and walnut/fig cake that was small but decadently sticky.

I actually felt that I looked good today. I wound up feeling confident and attractive which is an awfully empowering thing whether it was warranted or not. I had a somewhat briefer time meeting with GQA peeps at 1000£ Bend than I would have liked but it was time to head off for my first scrimmage session!

Scrimmage is actually playing roller derby. The only difference is that this is played within our own team as a training exercise but it still comes down to us essentially running a full bout (and this after an hour of drills!) It was utter confusion. There's an awful lot going on all at once and you're trying to keep track of nine other people on the track at once and the interdependent roles that they play. It made my brain implode and I've rarely had so much fun in my whole life. So ludicrous multitasking while skating hard in close proximity to several other women while in turn hitting and being hit by them over and over again for an hour. At the end of it I felt marvelous. Yet again, I very much like this being fit thing. There's still plenty of room for improvement but I can ask my body to do really rather a lot before it tells me to fuck off and fetch a lemon, lime and bitter please. So this is yet another instance of being well pleased with my body. Athletic femininity is a very pleasing fit for me and I think I want to pursue it further. The intensity level of today's training was definitely up a few notches and I felt really challenged. Moving into that learning and development curve promises to be a very satisfying thing indeed.

After that I headed to Chadstone for dinner with a few friends. Quiet but pleasing and I chatted with someone I'd not actually had any sort of conversation with for some considerable time.

This is really an extension of my last post I suppose. I like my new transport option and the fact that I can successfully integrate it into my usual multi-modal transport regime rather than simply using it as a standalone thing and I like the fact that it is already opening up extra options to me. I'm pleased with moving up to the next level of derby and the fact that it really *has* brought a whole new dimension to the exercise.

I'm not sure I have any more purpose in my life but I have a great deal more *life* in my life.